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Cooking Tools Manufacturer offers the best quality cooking tools at the best possible prices to keep you cooking all year round. Whether you’re looking for commercial kitchen supplies, porcelain bakeware, grilling tools, or any other wholesale cooking supplies available today, they have all the critical ingredients for your kitchen.

Project Date: 10 January 2021
Google Adword Performance

Challenge And Solutions

When we initially received this project, it presented a unique challenge as it involved managing the client’s Amazon business. They had approximately 1300 products listed across various platforms such as the vendor center, seller center, and Walmart. However, we discovered that their product listings were incomplete, requiring careful management.

To address this, we focused on optimizing their product listings effectively. This involved organizing the products systematically, updating images with high resolution, and utilizing reporting tools to track progress and make necessary adjustments. Through these efforts, we ensured that their product listings were enhanced and presented in the best possible way to drive sales and customer engagement.

Case Studies

Delivering Results

Overall, our efforts in optimizing online availability, Buy Box performance, price changes, and reviews/rating management resulted in improved visibility, sales growth, and enhanced customer perception for the client’s online business.


Improved Online Availability: Ensured consistent product availability, minimizing out-of-stock situations and maximizing sales opportunities.

Enhanced Buy Box Performance: Optimized product listings, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service led to increased visibility, higher conversion rates, and greater sales potential.

Strategic Price Changes: Monitored market dynamics and adjusted prices accordingly, balancing competitiveness and profitability.

Effective Reviews/Ratings Management: Proactively engaged with customers, addressed concerns, and encouraged positive feedback, building trust and driving future sales.

5.2% CTR
$0.92 CPC
30% ROI

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