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Project Date: 01 May 2019
Google Adword Performance

Challenge And Solutions

Collaborating with the Multilizer team, we encountered a range of campaigns upon receiving this project that exhibited poor performance and unsatisfactory outcomes. These campaigns were aimed at diverse languages, attracting highly irrelevant audiences and generating subpar click-through rates.

To address and resolve this issue, I undertook the task of segregating the campaigns and implementing impactful strategies in order to achieve favorable outcomes and deliver exceptional results.


Delivering Results

Collaborating as a team of marketing experts, we carefully analyzed the client’s needs and execute strategies that yielded impressive outcomes. Upon receiving the project, we designed some new campaigns, targeted the right keywords, and Updated new Ad Copies with the objective of delivering favorable results to the client.

Our efforts resulted in a significant increase in conversion rates, surpassing the client’s expectations. Additionally, the client experienced a noticeable boost in click-through rates, indicating enhanced engagement and a wider reach. We take pride in our ability to deliver successful outcomes that align with our client’s goals.

6.1% CTR
$0.74 CPC
47% ROI

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