Instagram Statistics You Should Know for 2024

Instagram Statistics

You can continuously monitor your Instagram performance. But your emblem’s numbers on my own aren’t enough to offer you an entire image. You need to live up to date with the ultra-modern Instagram information to understand industry benchmarks and developments.

Staying on top of the brand-new social media stats will assist you count on adjustments and great-tuning your strategy for that reason. This is specifically true for a platform like Instagram, which evolves rapidly with new features.

So let’s take a look at some of the pinnacle Instagram Statistics so that it will tell your strategy for 2024.

 Table of contents

  • Instagram user facts
  • Instagram utilization facts
  • Instagram target audience and demographics data
  • Instagram advertising and marketing data
  • Instagram Stories and Reels data
  • Instagram for enterprise information
  • Instagram influencer statistics
  • Making the most of these Instagram Statistics

Instagram consumer facts

Understanding how humans perceive and use the platform will help you understand the exceptional manner to hook up with them. This will assist you develop Instagram nice practices to put into effect for your method. These Instagram user facts can provide you with a better look:

1. Almost every Instagram user makes use of the app along with other structures

According to information from Kepios, the most effective 0.2% of Instagram users are precise to the platform. A huge quantity of customers use it along different social media structures including Facebook (88%), YouTube (77.4%) and TikTok (52.8%). That way having a strong go-platform advertising and marketing approach is critical for your logo to be successful.

2. Posting/sharing pictures or motion pictures remains the top hobby

In previous years, human beings had largely the usage of Instagram to publish or share pics and motion pictures. The numbers aren’t converting a whole lot in 2024 with the Kepios record displaying that 70.4% of users are using the platform for this reason. This suggests a desire for users to be innovative and specific themselves.

3. People are searching for entertainment on the platform

The same file suggests that people are increasingly using the platform for amusement. Looking for funny or entertaining content material became the second one maximum popular interest, with 64.8% of users carrying out it. So brands should get ahead by creating Instagram content that can entertain their target audience.

Instagram usage facts

How popular is Instagram in phrases of utilization? Let’s test those Instagram utilization information to find out:

4. There are 2 billion month-to-month energetic customers on Instagram

The latest reviews display that Instagram has 2 billion month-to-month energetic users. While not on the Facebook degree (over three billion), this is nevertheless massive for brands on Instagram. With the proper strategies to get more Instagram followers, these users could change into dependable enthusiasts of your brand.

5. US adults spend 33 minutes in with day on the platform

Video-primarily based platforms like YouTube and TikTok have turned out to be a huge hit among social media users. At the same time, humans are nonetheless spending a full-size quantity of time on Instagram. In truth, time spent on Instagram has visible a mild boom in the past 12 months. U.S. Adults are spending 33.1 minutes per day on the platform. This is a three-minute boom from the preceding year.

Instagram Statistics For audience and demographics facts

Understanding Instagram’s demographics records gives you an idea of the styles of people who use the platform. This helps you determine whether the platform is relevant to your target audience. Here’s a short breakdown of Instagram statistics associated with its target market and demographics.

6. There are more male than woman customers

Based on to be had information on Instagram customers globally by way of gender, there are more male customers (51.8%) than girl customers (48.2%) as of January 2023. The target audience is a near-even split, which means the platform isn’t inherently better for reaching one demographic audience over another.

7. Instagram is maximum popular amongst more youthful audiences

The platform sees the highest usage among people elderly between 18 and 34. People within these age organizations make up over 60% of Instagram’s consumer base. As such, the platform is ideal if your audience consists of young adults and Millennials.

8. India and the United States have the best quantity of customers

Much like other systems, India leads the manner even about Instagram. The United States has 229.5 million Instagram customers. The United States comes next with 149.35 million customers.

Instagram Statistics, marketing and advertising information

Are you getting the maximum from your Instagram advertising efforts? Is it even worth it to market your brand on Instagram? Here are some Instagram Instagram Statistics to provide you with the solutions you want.

9 Instagram Statistics for ad attain is developing

Along with the increase in customers, Instagram is presenting an increase in advert attain. The Instagram data record from Kepios suggests a 12.2% 12 months-over-year increase in advert reach. This makes the platform a perfect desire for manufacturers that want to advertise on Instagram.

10. In-feed advertisements make up the maximum of the platform’s advert revenue

Oberlo reviews that Instagram advert sales reached $50.Fifty-eight billion in 2023. Out of this, in-feed ads were a primary contributor. Meanwhile, advertisements on Instagram Stories made up 26.7% of the platform’s advert revenue. In 2024, it’s anticipated that Instagram ad revenue will attain $59.6 billion.

11. Feed ads have a higher click-on-thru fee (CTR) than Story advertisements

A probable reason behind the choice of in-feed advertisements is the better click-on-through price (CTR)

Brafton reviews that the CTR for feed ads on Instagram is 0.22% and 0.88%. Meanwhile, Stories ads have a CTR of zero 33% and 0.54%.

These numbers advocate that during-feed commercials have a better ability to drive clicks than Stories commercials. However, consider experimenting with distinct ad placements to see which one works best together with your target audience.

12. The average value-in-keeping with-click-on (CPC) of Instagram commercials is $0.00 – $0.25

Ad expenses on Instagram are comparable to other leading systems like Facebook.

According to a WebFX survey, the CPC for Instagram ads is among $zero.00 and $0.25. Impressions value barely extra, with 46% of organizations paying between $0.00 and $4.00 CPM (value-consistent with-affect) in line with 1,000 impressions. Meanwhile, you could count on spending around $0.03 to $0.08 in CPE (fee-in-step with engagement).

13. Brands see an average conversion price of 1%

Bazaarvoice found that the average conversion fee for pinnacle-performing manufacturers on Instagram was 1%. This evaluation found a near relationship between reach and conversion rate.

Interestingly, it’s no longer just the manufacturers with smaller followings that can boast better conversions. Brands having as much as 100k followers did see higher-than-common conversions in comparison to the ultimate year (1.1% vs. Zero. Three). And those with fewer than 10k followers still boast the best conversion charge (1.3%), but now not as much of a lead as last year (2.6%). However, brands having between 500k and 1 million fans had similar conversion prices as in past years (0.7%).

14. Instagram Stories and Reels Facts

Instagram offers a wide range of content material sorts to pick from, with Stories and Reels being popular options. Check out those Stories and Reels facts to peer how those formats are appearing:

15. Story attain fee is rising again up

Despite a decline in the preceding years, the attain charge for Instagram Stories is sooner or later starting to rise once more. According to RivalQ have a look at, smaller manufacturers with under 10k fans experienced the largest increase (35%) in Story attain charge. Other corporations experienced minor increases even as the reach charge for mid-length brands flatlined.

16. Retention fee continues to say no with a growth in the number of frames

The identical Rival IQ observed that the range of frames you post to your Instagram Stories determines how well you preserve your target audience. After a prime dip from the primary frames, the median retention rate stays at 81% by the fourth frame. Story retention price starts to dip beneath seventy-five percent after the seventh body.

17. Short narrative-type Stories are the most famous format

When it involves the kinds of stories that humans need to peer, short narratives are the most popular. Thirty-five percent of consumers opt for those sorts of Stories with a combination of pics, movies and textual content. Stories with quizzes and polls have been another popular choice.

So in case you’re strolling out of Instagram Story thoughts, use those stats to brainstorm new thoughts that engage your audience.

18. Reels nevertheless have the best attain fee

Since their introduction, Reels have continued to surpass different content material kinds in phrases of attain. A Social Insider examination found that Reels see an average attain charge of 30.81%. That’s double the attained price of other content material formats. Reels surpass other publish types with 2x greater impressions even in terms of impressions. Understanding Instagram Statistics.

However, this upward trend may want to soon stop because the visibility of Reels experiences a slowdown. The RivalIQ have a look at from earlier determined that Reels had the smallest growth in attain as compared to different put-up types.

19. Reel engagement is losing

In that world, engagement quotes for Instagram Reels are beginning to drop. The SocialInsider observation found a 25% decline in Reels engagement over 2023.

That stated, the average engagement price for Instagram Reels still stands at 1.23% in step with submit and it remains the most engaging Instagram publish kind.

The declining numbers in engagement don’t imply brands should stop growing Reels. Rather, it suggests a want to create Reel content that engages your target market. Check out our Instagram Reel ideas guide to create captivating Reels and keep up with the competition.

20. Instagram for enterprise records

So long way, the benefits of Instagram for advertising your commercial enterprise are clean. Let’s in addition dive into these Instagram for commercial enterprise stats to surely understand its cost:

19. 70% of customers look to Instagram for his or her subsequent purchases

Internal Instagram data famous that 70% of buyers appear on the platform for their subsequent buys. This is where people visit find purchase concepts and discover new merchandise.

21. More than 1/2 of Instagram customers comply with/study brands and merchandise

Although people usually use Instagram to share and consume content material, that’s no longer the most effective factor they do. The true news for manufacturers is that plenty of customers interact with manufacturers on the platform.

Based on the equal Kepios Instagram facts document above, 62.7% of Instagram customers follow or study brands and products on the app. This makes it the third most desired pastime on Instagram, highlighting the platform’s role in informing people’s shopping decisions.

More importantly, it’s the maximum used platform for researching and following brands and products compared to all different social media structures.

22. Instagram influencer information

Instagram’s place inside the influencer marketing panorama continues to solidify. This means that many manufacturers are turning to the platform to execute their influencer marketing campaigns. Here’s a short look at some leading influencer advertising and marketing stats for Instagram Statistics:

23. Instagram is the top platform for influencer advertising

Unsurprisingly, Instagram is the most widely used platform for influencer advertising. The cutting-edge stats reveal that 88% of marketers plan to apply it for influencer advertising and marketing in 2024. So in case you’re making plans to paint with influencers, Instagram is an outstanding area to start.

24. Most Instagram influencers are nano influencers

According to nano influencers having 1,000-10,000 fans makes up 65.39% of Instagram influencer debts. Micro-influencers are the second most popular organization making up 27.Seventy percent of influencer debts.

This is wonderful information for manufacturers, particularly with the popularity of nano influencer advertising and marketing. It method brands have an abundance of options on the platform to find the right influencers with the proper area of interest and engaged audiences.

25. Making the most of those Instagram Statistics

The above Instagram records give you a clearer photo of the landscape so that you recognize what you’re up in opposition to. Make the maximum of them to construct a strong Instagram advertising and marketing strategy for your logo.

Instagram Statistics FAQs

  • How do you see submitted stats on Instagram?

You can see your Instagram put-up stats by tapping on the “View Insights” button below the put-up. Keep in mind that put-up stats are most effectively available to customers with a business or author account.

How powerful are Instagram Reels for marketing?

Instagram Reels see the very best reach and engagement among all different media kinds. This makes it a highly effective way to market your brand.

How has Instagram inspired social media?

Instagram has brought on a social media evolution when it comes to media utilization. Instagram’s consciousness of visible content has encouraged other social media systems to additionally undertake more visible formats.

  • What generation uses Instagram the maximum?

Instagram sees the maximum utilization of the various Gen Z and Millennials populations.

  • What is the breakdown of Instagram customers?

The breakdown of Instagram users by using age group is

13-17 years – 8%

18-24 years – 30.8%

25-34 years – 30.3%

35-44 years – 15.7%

45-54 years – 8.4%

55-64 years – 4.3%

65+ years – 2.6%

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